Waxed Doll


Mrs Beasley Doll (mine), wax

20" x 10" x 6"

Mrs. Beasley's voicebox broke. My mom took a seam ripper and opened her dress from the back. My dad opened the voicebox and attempted to fix the spring. She never spoke again and was left with a long scar from my mom's hand stitching.

Mrs. Beasley's original 11 sayings;

"Speak a little louder dear, so Mrs. Beasley can hear you."
"Would you like to try on my glasses? You may if you wish."
"Long ago I was a little girl just like you!"
"If you were a little smaller, I could rock you to sleep."
"Gracious me,you're getting to be such a big girl!"
"Do you want to hear a secret? I know one."
"I do think you're the nicest little friend I ever had."
"It would be such fun to play jump rope, don't you think?"
"If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?"
"You may call me Mrs. Beasley, would you like to play?"