paper, wood, rubber

36" x 28" x 48"

In 2004 I received a box of belongings from my friend’s late aunt, Mary. The contents were a sampling of drawings and art related notes, slides and books that my friend thought I’d appreciate. I was happy to provide a home, most likely temporary, and even happier to take the burden of what to do with Mary’s prized possessions off of my friend. I expressed my thanks and interest. And then...more boxes arrived...and more boxes, and more boxes.

Knowing I couldn’t store the boxes forever, I photographed each personal artifact so at the very least they would be saved (again) in some form. Then I began to imagine a way to organize, and make use these of the pieces.

I started with a simple armature, made of walnut scraps. Building up the form and structure of a human skull using wood veneer and layers and layers of Mary’s documents.

The result is a chronicle of the reconstruction/construction/co-construction of Mary.